Caucus Training

Precinct Chair & Caucus Host Training Docs

Party Leadership Doc with Contact Information
Precinct Chair Contact List with Caucus Locations
Precinct Maps

Caucus Training

  • 3/19/2016 – Saturday, 11:00 am to 1:00 pm – Whitmore Library
  • 3/19/2016 – Saturday, 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm – Taylorsville Library

To Do Before Caucus:
Caucus Training Video Presentation by Scott Miller
Caucus Training Presentation by Scott Miller (Paper Copy)-Updated 3-14-16

VoterClick App Download & Registration Instructions
***Note the VoterClick App is ONLY used on Caucus Night – the Pre-registration link on the Old App Version is NOT being used at Caucus this year. Please update your VoterClick App to the latest version. Pre-Registration is done through: www.Utah.GOP
VoterClick App Instruction Video by Scott Miller
Precinct Caucus Host Check-List
Printable Door Hanger to Advertise Caucus Night

Delegate Allocation by Precinct

To Do During Caucus:
Voting Instructions for Vote for One Position at a time
Voting Instructions for Vote for Two or More Positions at a time
Presidential Preference Vote at Caucus or visit www.Utah.GOP for more info

To Do After Caucus:
Precinct Election Results Form
Caucus Host Check-out List
*Distribute the State & County Delegate Duties
*Distribute Candidate Information to Delegates

2016 Caucus Packet Documents
Caucus Host Instructions & Script
2016 Caucus Rules
2016 Precinct Chair & Officer Duties
2016 County Delegate Duties
2016 State Delegate Duties
Elected Precinct Leadership & Delegates Form