Cherilyn Bacon Eagar, Improve the Party, Continued

…Instead, they complain about the focus on rules and procedures. They moan and groan when a procedure is called and they “just want to get on with it” so they can go home and do their yard work. They lack an understanding that this deliberative body is critically important to the kinds of candidates we elect. Some even “grand stand” to get applause in the meetings, or they vote without really understanding the details of the policies we are deliberating.

As a member of the SCC, Cherilyn has worked hard behind the scenes and has even provided “green sheets” or white papers on some key policy issues so that those that don’t have time to research them as they appear on the agenda will have a summary of what they’re voting on.

Cherilyn understands the tedious nature of this work – that rules and procedures are at the core of who gets elected or what platform positions are approved. Rules and procedures can be constructed to help Republicans that support the platform get elected, or they can undermine their election for more liberal and establishment candidates that care little about the Republican Platform.

Cherilyn has worked many hours to promote rules and policies that will keep this party a party of principle, of free enterprise and of moral principles supporting the natural family and its Pro-Life stance, as well as its “America First,” state sovereignty planks. Cherilyn supports the following measures to improve and strengthen the Party and its principles:

1. SUPPORT THE LAWSUIT. The Republican Party is the Party of republican principles – of a republic, not a democracy. She understands the Constitution was originally meant to govern a republic. Yet democratic politicians and lobbyists and have combined with establishment, globalist Republicans in name only and are attacking those principles with a national campaign called “Count My Vote” or “Let Me Vote” to weaken the Republican form of elections.

Here are some of the sources that will give a greater picture and to better understand why so many members of the SCC are working so hard to keep the caucus. Republicans need to know who the candidates are that are currently on the SCC or who are putting their names in nomination for the purpose of undermining our conservative, republican form of government by giving up on a lawsuit that is fundamental to our First Amendment right to freely assemble without government intrusion, such as SB 54 and its supposed “compromises” are.





Cherilyn’s research has found that they are working overtime to end constitutional caucuses to open up elections to more moderate and liberal candidates that do not support these principles. The attorneys she consulted with shared their advice with members of the SCC that sought their input: Utah’s lawsuit is winnable, it won’t cost the Party additional legal fees, and it’s the best way to get those legal fees paid. Cherilyn believes the Utah Republican Party must WIN this one for Utah – and for the nation!

2. SUPPORT THE PLATFORM. The Utah Republican Platform is a conservative platform. Utah’s Republican elected leaders ran on the Republican brand, but Cherilyn has observed that, once elected, many ignore those principles of limited government.

According to, a limited government score card of Utah’s legislature, a recent study conducted by Utah Data Points ( showed that, “on the average bill, 93% of House and 96% of Senators voted together. Bills sponsored by Republicans passed 59% of the time, while bills sponsored by Democrats passed 53% of the time. The study pointed out this was the narrowest gap in a number of years.

If the legislature had passed bills limiting government that would be worth applauding. However, “of the 26 bills which GrassRoots included in its report, 12 increased the intrusiveness of government; while only 5 of our covered bills which protected Constitutional rights or limited government passed. Four other good bills passed one chamber but did not pass in the other chamber.”

After serving many hours, days, and months at the Utah legislative sessions, Cherilyn Eagar has targeted the problem. Voters don’t hold their elected leaders accountable to their voting records. She has devoted her time to media and radio to reach a broader audience to let them know who’s who and how Republicans vote. Even though Utah Grassroots doesn’t report every bill, it selects key bills representative of a pattern of policies.

For example, Brian Greene (R-UT) received the top score for the House in 2016.
Margaret Dayton (R-UT) received the top score in the Senate.
Governor Herbert received a 24% compared to his lifetime average of 47%.

Cherilyn says it’s critically important for Utah voters to know that Utah faces the same “swamp” that DC does and they must know that the Utah House received an average score of 36%, with a lifetime average of only 47%. The Senate averaged a 53%, also the lifetime average.

She wants to stop electing people that tell the voters they are conservative and that they support the platform and the US Constitution, but after they are elected, their records show otherwise.

The solution is the quality and competency of delegates and to ensure that the election procedures support the election of candidates that are truly Republican supporting a republican form of government. She believes the SCC must continually improve the caucus and the people must be able to vet the best in those caucuses.

Those that simply read the headlines and don’t do the research or that only run for the purpose of supporting a candidate and do nothing else are not serving the principles that are the foundation of this Party. That delegate profile belongs in the Democratic Party where they agree with Nancy Pelosi that we must pass a bill before reading it. Just because.

The Republican Party can and must be better than this. Republicans are only as good as the weakest delegate. The Founders knew this and that is why Republicans must support their vision and strengthen our neighborhood caucuses by electing people that will work and not just show up every two years to vote for a candidate that has recruited them.

3. SUPPORT THE MEDIA MESSAGE: Cherilyn is hosting and producing several radio shows that promote the principles of the Republican Party and the US Constitution and to help the voters be more informed. She spends many hours each week researching and cutting through the media lies to provide a more truthful summary of local, national and world affairs.