Common Caucus Questions

Where is my Caucus Location?

What is a Neighborhood Precinct Caucus?

  • A caucus is a meeting sponsored by political parties where you and your neighbors from your voting precinct meet together once every two years to elect a few of your fellow neighbors as delegates to represent your voting precinct at the political party’s convention where Republican Candidates are chosen. This year you will be able to cast your Republican Presidential Preference ballot at your Neighborhood Caucus in person or online.

Who Can Participate in a Neighborhood Precinct Caucus?

  • Anyone can attend a caucus meeting, however, in order to participate in your neighborhood caucus you must live in the precinct, be at least 18 years of age by the general election date, and be a registered Republican or affiliate as a Republican.

What if I recently moved or my Drivers Licence is not current?

  • Voter Registration Cards will be available at all Caucus Locations to update your address.  Please bring (2) forms of identification showing your new residence. (Power Bill, Utility Bill)
  • If you recently updated your Voter Registration online or with the Clerks Office, our records may not have this updated info. You can Verify Your Information has been updated at this website:

What Happens at a Neighborhood Precinct Caucus and How Long Does it last?

  • Caucus begins with: Welcome, Prayer, Pledge, Republican Party Platform is read, County Party Information. Then break-out into Precincts for Elections of: Precinct Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, & Treasurer, State & County Delegates, and the Presidential Preference Vote. Caucus attendees may also discuss and learn about the Party’s candidates. The caucus starts at 7 pm and usually last about 2 hours.

What Do Delegates and Precinct Officers Do?

Where Is My Neighborhood Precinct Caucus?

  • Click here to find out where your Caucus will be held. Each precinct belongs to a Legislative or House District and we will be meeting by Legislative District, then breaking out into Precincts for elections.

What is the Republican Presidential Preference Caucus?

  • The Republican Presidential Caucus is essentially a Presidential Primary that is administered by the political party on March 22, 2016. You may cast your ballot in-person at your precinct caucus, on-line (7am -11pm), or by Same Day (Absentee) ballot.
  • Pre-Registration for Online Voting: is now CLOSED.

How do I Vote Online for the Presidential Caucus Voting?

  • If you will have access to internet on Caucus Day March 22, Voting Online is very easy. Pre-Registration is now CLOSED. 
    After Pre-registering you will be emailed a PIN # to participate in the Online Election on Caucus Day (polls open 7 am – 11 pm).
  • If you did not receive a PIN #, try a PIN Reset:
  • Or Contact the Utah Republican Party at 801-533-9777
  • Or Contact the ivoting Center at: 1-561-862-0749
  • If your Voter Registration could not be verified for any reason, you would not have received a PIN #, please vote in person at your Caucus.

Can I use a Same Day (Absentee) Ballot?

  • If you are not able to attend Caucus Night or Vote Online, you may cast a Same Day (Absentee) Ballot.
  • Presidential Same Day Ballot: An official ballot will be available 5:00 pm, Monday, March 21st to download & print at: www.Utah.GOP
  • Precinct Officer & Delegate Same Day Ballots: An official ballot will be available 5:00 pm, Monday, March 21st to download & print at: www.Utah.GOP
  • For all Same Day (Absentee) Ballots: Ballots must be in a sealed envelope with your signature across the seal. Staple to the envelope a copy of your Drivers Licence or State ID.  Any person in your precinct may take your ballot to caucus.  This person is responsible to destroy the copy of your DL or return to you.  Your DL is used to ensure you are a registered republican and eligible to participate in the vote.
  • Note: One person can only bring (3) Same Day (Absentee) Ballots to Caucus.

How to I run to be a Delegate to vote for the Presidential Nominee at the Republican National Convention?

  • The Utah Republican Party holds an election for RNC Delegates at the State Convention (April 23rd, 2016).  Filing is now open: