NL Improve Party Cont

The best solution is to enact the innovative balloting and counting method called “Ranked-Choice” or “Instant Runoff” voting. Instead of only having the option to vote for one candidate for each office, you could rank candidates by your 1st choice, 2nd choice, and so forth. If no candidate has a clear majority when the 1st choice votes are counted, the candidate with the least votes is eliminated. At this point, unlike what happens today, the voters who picked the least popular candidate don’t have their votes thrown away. Instead, their votes are each reassigned to their 2nd choice candidate. This process continues until one candidate has a legitimate consensus majority of the votes. It eliminates the “vote-splitting” factor if more than two candidates are running for the same seat, and encourages more friendly campaigning. It’s a simple change that could have a huge impact. Had we used this balloting method in last year’s Presidential primaries and caucuses, the entire dynamic of the race could have been vastly improved (by virtue of changing the incentive towards friendlier intra-party campaigning), whether or not the outcome would have changed.

The State Central Committee asked the legislature to look into it at their last meeting, and then the State House of Representatives vote for it 59 – 12 ! Now we need to enact it within the Party structure so that more grassroots GOP activists can gain familiarity and experience with it.
This will help solve the problems we’ve had in recent years in the County Central Committee with extremely time-consuming, multiple-ballot elections that have dragged on not just for hours, but for multiple meetings! Then perhaps we can get the State Senators to support it as well.

2. Restore the rights of state delegates to propose and have State Party Constitution and Bylaws changes directly voted on by the delegates, rather than being killed by 4 people on the State C&B Committee that don’t like those proposals. Most state delegates aren’t even aware that they’ve lost this ability since it was stripped away from them by State Party Chair decree in 2005.

3. Better training and support for candidates and grassroots campaign workers; more options to do “work from home” projects to help candidates. For example, the 2008 McCain campaign offered the ability for people to make “get out the vote” phone calls from home using their national program and database. The 2012 Romney campaign did not offer such opportunity; instead, you had to go into one of his few campaign offices around the state to help make phone calls. With today’s technologies, we can and should do a lot more of this.