2017 Party Leadership Candidates

Party Officers

As of April 14, 2017

Deadline to apply is April 14th at 5pm

If you’d like to run, please sign-up HERE and your name and message will appear here shortly. Any needed edits to this page can be sent to office@slcogop.com. Entries are ordered based on the most recent Executive Committee draw by last name:

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Candidates for Chair

Jake Parkinson

IMG_3135 (2)

Jake Parkinson is a Certified Residential appraiser living in Salt Lake City who both operates his own appraisal office and works for the Tooele County Assessor’s office. A University of Utah graduate, Jake has lead two of the largest appraiser associations in the state; the Utah Chapter of the IAAO, and United Appraisers of Utah. He has served his community on the boards of numerous nonprofits. He and his wife, AnnMarie have four children who don’t share Jake’s passion for depreciation tables and regression models. If Jake isn’t politicking or appraising, he’s likely playing wiffle ball in his front yard with his kids.

Party Participation:

Volunteer, Donor, Precinct Chair, County Delegate, State Delegate, North Region Chair

How would you like to improve the Party:

Simple: Provide a stable and meaningful infrastructure that will result in victorious Republican elections.

Contact Me to Learn More: jake@jakeforchair.com,  801-898-0462

Candidates for Vice Chair

Macade Jensen


Macade Jensen is a licensed professional engineer where he envisions then designs the infrastructure around us. As an engineer, he has proven himself a problem solver and effective negotiator. Currently sitting as vice chair in the Taylorsville Community Council for district 1B, Macade is always engaged in community outreach efforts. As a recent candidate for Utah state house, Macade clearly understands the role and support our party can and should provide to our candidates to best help them win. Macade is energetic and passionate about life. Besides driving his wife crazy and keeping her up at night with his long-winded ideas to improve our party and constant political rants, he enjoys racquetball, welding and metal work, horseback riding and just about anything physically active, especially trying to keep up with pushing his kids on the swings.

Party Participation

Macade has volunteered on multiple campaigns, served as county delegate numerous times and ran for state house district 34.

How would you like to improve the Party?

Blending my observations as a candidate and the primary roles of the vice chair, I would deliver a deep volunteer base to our republican candidates. I would use the party infrastructure of regional and legislative districts to train precinct officers and delegates to run well-managed mini-campaigns within their precincts to deliver a powerful voter-focused, grass-roots base to our candidates. In short, I would not only make caucus night a success, but make those elected on caucus night successful in promoting the party and winning elections.

Contact Me to Learn More: , (435) 749-9454 

Reed Taylor

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 8.54.45 AM

I am a passionate conservative with a background in Operation and Logistics. I love Salt Lake County and have a desire to improve our County Party through hard work and dedication to imporvment.

Party Participation

Vice Chair: WVC063 Leg Chair: HD30 County delegat State delegate

How would you like to improve the Party?

My goals are simple:   1. Improve the Caucus system for the all involved by providing training for Region Chairs, Leg Chairs and Priecinct Chairs.   2. Imrpove resources and communication from the party officers to all in leadership.     3. Use my operations experience to review and increase efficiency for all involved through use of technology.

Contact Me to Learn More: purewatersolutionsutah@gmail.com,  801-918-9727

Randy O’Hara

RandyI have been a loyal Republican since the age of 18. I have served the party with dignity and integrity and would continue to serve you. I am passionate about politics and the political process. I believe good government starts with one person standing up and being counted. I won’t let you down, and I humbly ask you for your vote.

Party Participation

Political Experience:   1995 Volunteer on Cincinnati City Council races.   1996 Volunteer for Hamilton County Recorder’s race.   1998 served as the Volunteer Coordinator for Rob Portman (OH-2), where Portman received 79% of the vote and more than any other member from Ohio.     2000-2002 served as an Advance Representative for Bush/Cheney travelling across the country.   2002 Candidate for Ohio legislature in a heavily Democratic district.   I have Volunteered for Mel Martinez’s (FL) Senate race, Geoff Davis’ (KY – 4) Congressional race, and Senator Hatch’s 2006/2012 Senate Race. 2007-2010 served as the Political Director for the SLCo GOP, and Executive Director for the WY GOP. 2010-Present consulted and managed several Salt Lake County races including Mark Crockett for County Mayor   Served as Chairman of the Univ. of Cincinnati College Republicans and various positions in the Young Republican Organization and including Chair and National Committeeman of the Utah Young Republicans.     I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from the University of Cincinnati

How would you like to improve the Party?

I believe the Party should be more focused on Recruiting, Educating, and Training Candidates for Public Office. As Vice Chair I will head up a committee to recruit candidates from various backgrounds. No Democrat in any district, should run unopposed. I will lead training sessions on how to be a more effective candidate, from grass roots activism to messaging, to fundraising.   I will ensure that the County Party is fully prepared for caucuses. Caucus night is our night to shine. It is a night for us to come together as a Party, discuss the Platform, show the state why we deserve to be in leadership, and elect the most dedicated of volunteers to Precinct level Leadership positions.   Whomever you elect as Chair, I will work with them to build a stronger Party. The job as Chair can sometimes be overwhelming. A good chair needs an effective supporting cast. As Vice Chair I promise to appoint strong Conservatives, who are also willing to support the Chair and the building of the Party.

Contact Me to Learn More: randyohara@yahoo.com,  801-702-7090

vice_chair_photoKelli Dickerson

I was raised to work hard and do the right thing. When I decided to go to school to become a CPA, as a single mother I was able to lay out a plan so that I could work full time, go to school full time and graduate in 3 years.

I believe that as Americans we have a responsibility to take care of ourselves and help others find a way to take care of themselves as well.

When I ran for State Representative in 2006 I learned a valuable lesson. Our candidates need all the help and support that the party can garner to help them succeed in their election. I also learned that the media will lie about everything.

Party Participation

20 Years active in Republican Party Politics. Precinct Chair, County Delegate, or state delegate since 1996. Candidate for state legislator in 2006. Senate District Chair since 2014 and county party finance chair since 2015. Also Treasurer for Utah Federation of Republican Women.

How would you like to improve the Party?

The most important thing that we need to do as party leadership is to help find and assimilate new party members into the party. There are many people in our community that are Republicans but are hesitant to dive into politics. They want their voices heard, yet don’t want to get involved. We need to help them understand the importance of their voice and involvement. When we get new precinct chairs, or delegates we need to help them understand the importance of their voice and participation. We need them to know their responsibilities and understand that they are important.

I would like to assist the leadership in organizing efficient caucus meetings, central committee meetings and conventions. Efficient meetings show our members that we respect their time and participation. We need an organized method for registration prior to the meetings, succinct agendas that are followed, and functional voting systems.

Contact Me to Learn More: (801) 201-1636, 

Candidates for Secretary

Mike Edwards

Mike Edwards SmileI have never just held a title; I have been elected to “volunteer” positions in which I have worked to help our candidates and our party. I don’t give lip service; I support our auxiliary organizations with participation as well as financial support. For years I have been a sustaining member of the Utah Republican Party as well as a sustaining member of the Salt Lake County Republican Party. As a member of the State Central Committee, I have agreed to pursue the SB54 lawsuit through to the 10th Circuit Court. IF we can not receive redress at the 10th Circuit, then the lawsuit is over. I will not vote to continue the lawsuit to the Supreme Court, especially when that means a financial burden that the party can’t pay. The principal may be right , but we have to get an answer and then move on to rebuilding relationships and doing our job as a Party to get Republicans elected.

Party Participation

SLCOGOP County Delegate SLCOGOP State Delegate Precinct Chair – WVC055 Leg Chair – Leg District 38 Senate Chair – Senate District 12 State Central Committee Utah Republican Party Elephant Club SLCOGOP Young Republicans Women’s Republican Club of Salt Lake County

How would you like to improve the Party?

The Secretary needs to take back all of the duties that have been put off to the Office Manager. This is especially true now that the Office Manager has been released due to financial conditions. The Secretary doesn’t just keep meeting minutes and act as a cheerleader, the Secretary is the maintainer of all records. There is nothing that the party is involved in that the Secretary should not also be involved. As a Party, we need to supply our candidates with data like voter rolls, likely voters, and possible donors. The Secretary is the focal point for all candidate support activities.   The same can be said for the Treasurer. We need to hold our Officers accountable for the specified and implied duties as contained in the Bylaws.

Contact Me to Learn More: gmejr@hotmail.com, 801-647-7730

Mike Livsey

Mike Livsey has experience in journalism, software development, account management, sales, teaching, administrative leadership, and training development.

Party Participation

Precinct Chair for over 8 years; Current Senate Chair for Senate District 10; Served as county and state delegate

How would you like to improve the Party?

Over the past 4 years there has been a lot of talk about our Republican identity, message and method. But to me, these challenges have merely revealed new opportunities for positive change.   We have the opportunity to help neighbors better understand who we are.   We have the opportunity to involve more people.   We have the opportunity to grow our county Republican Party.   We have the opportunity to communicate more effectively with both traditional and modern communications tools.   Most importantly, we have the opportunity to gain and retain more Republicans in public office.

Contact Me to Learn More: mlivsey@gmail.com,  801-842-2597

Carolyn Sharp

Carolyn Sharp

I am highly driven to successfully accomplish goals and tasks, honorably and efficiently. My work is a reflection of me, so it is important that I do my personal best. What I love most about serving in the Republican party is the opportunity to learn firsthand about democracy and those who champion it. My desire to serve is sincere. I thoroughly enjoy being an engaged, contributing member of society. Aside from my political involvement, I have also served as a volunteer victim advocate for the Unified Police Department, a licensed foster parent, peer parent and am a neighborhood watch captain. I also enjoy working on emergency preparedness and am a licensed Ham radio operator.

Party Participation:

County Delegate-March 20, 2014-2016   State Delegate- March 22, 2016-present   Precinct Chair- March 22, 2016-present   Bylaws Committee- Sept. 24, 2016- present   Bylaws Committee Secretary- Oct. 4th 2016

How would you like to improve the Party?

As Secretary of the Salt Lake County Republican party’s Executive Committee, I would like to improve communication by providing timely responses to emails, and by reaching out to other committees in an effort to assist and stay current. Having thorough knowledge of the SLCo bylaws, I would work within the committee to stay on top of our individual duties and responsibilities in ways that fulfill the expectations of the party. As current secretary of the Bylaws Committee, I ensure that our minutes are correct and detailed, then distributed and archived. I would continue this practice as secretary of the Executive Committee. Ultimately, I want to support the values of the Republican party through service and commitment.

Contact Me to Learn More: sharpcarolyn@outlook.com, (801)979-7173

Candidates for Treasurer

kevbeck20151008aKevin Klundt

Education: I earned a bachelor’s degree from BYU and a master’s degree from Duquesne University (Pittsburgh, PA).
Residence: I grew up in Washington state. After attending college, my wife and I moved back to Utah. We’ve lived in our home in West Jordan for 21 years.
Family: My wife, Rebecca, and I have five children. The last two are in high school and still live at home.
Work: Since 1993, I’ve worked in the financial services industry. In 2007, I started a compliance consulting company. Regulatory compliance (specifically, anti-money laundering, or “AML”) is the focus of my business. I currently provide compliance services to more than 200 financial institutions. All but four of these firms are located outside of Utah.
Fiscal Responsibility: Over the past 10 years, I’ve built a very successful business without taking on any debt. My wife and I are debt-free. With maturity and financial security, I can be entrusted with responsibility for Republican party funds.
Character: People who know me would identify faith and integrity as two of my most prominent attributes.
Hobbies: Over the past 5-6 years, I’ve taken up bicycling. I own a road bike and love to ride around the south end of the valley.

Party Participation: In 2016, I was a delegate to both the county and state conventions.

How would you like to improve the Party?

My purpose in running is to help strengthen the party.
I believe in government by the people. That is, I believe that ordinary citizens are best suited to serve in government offices.
Viewing myself as one of those ordinary citizens, and believing that holding the treasurer’s office would entail service, rather than self-promotion, I am offering to hold this office and serve for the next two years.

Contact Me to Learn More: , (801) 608-0901

Roy Harris


Life-long Republican living in Salt Lake County for over 50 years. Licensed CPA.

Party Participation: Assistant Treasurer and Treasurer

How would you like to improve the Party?

Develop better communication between and within party members and leadership.

Contact Me to Learn More: , (801) 649-7564

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