2017 State Central Committee Candidates

SCC Candidates

As of April 20, 2017

Deadline to apply is April 14, 2017 at 5pm

If you’d like to run, please sign-up HERE and your name and message will appear here shortly. Any needed edits to this page can be sent to office@slcogop.com. Entries are ordered based on the most recent Executive Committee draw by last name:

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Nancy LordNancy Lord

I’m passionate about preserving and strengthening grassroots participation. 
That sometimes puts me at odds with party leaders 
who seem to believe that consolidating power will strengthen the party.

For example, several party leaders have proposed in recent months that the State or County Party should begin charging delegates a fee (of, say, $50 a head) for the privilege of being a delegate. I vehemently oppose this practice. On a related issue, I successfully sponsored a change to the National Republican Party Rules that abolished a previously-accepted practice in other states of fundraising off the backs of candidates for National Delegate by charging them a fee just to run. (If a person wins, it’s already expensive enough to just participate in a National Convention, with airplane, lodging and extra food costs.) Continue Reading…

Contact Me to Learn More: , (801) 688-4769

How would you like to improve the Party?

1. Fix the “plurality problem” created in Republican primaries by SB54 allowing more than two candidates to run in such a primary. Now a candidate can win with far less than majority support if there are three or more candidates splitting the vote. The answer is not to pressure candidates out of the race, or just accept plurality (less than 50%) wins.

The best solution is to enact the innovative balloting and counting method called “Ranked-Choice” or “Instant Runoff” voting. Instead of only having the option to vote for one candidate for each office, you could rank candidates by your 1st choice, 2nd choice, and so forth. If no candidate has a clear majority when the 1st choice votes are counted, the candidate with the least votes is eliminated. At this point, unlike what happens today, the voters who picked the least popular candidate don’t have their votes thrown away. Instead, their votes are each reassigned to their 2nd choice candidate. This process continues until one candidate has a legitimate consensus majority of the votes. It eliminates the “vote-splitting” factor if more than two candidates are running for the same seat, and encourages more friendly campaigning. It’s a simple change that could have a huge impact. Had we used this balloting method in last year’s Presidential primaries and caucuses, the entire dynamic of the race could have been vastly improved (by virtue of changing the incentive towards friendlier intra-party campaigning), whether or not the outcome would have changed. Continue Reading…

david-alvordDavid Alvord

“Having served as a Mayor, I know well the importance of building consensus to achieve goals to promote conservative governance.   It would be a privilege to help steer the party towards better unity and effective campaigns.” 

Contact Me to Learn More: dralvord@gmail.com, 801-706-0401

How would you like to improve the party?

The party needs to reunite. We must continue to stand for something.


cherilyn_eagarCherilyn Bacon Eagar

In 2011 the Deseret News-Salt Lake Tribune editorial boards named Cherilyn Bacon Eagar Wasatch Woman of the Year – Community Service as the first Republican woman to run for U.S. Senate in Utah. In 2014 through the American Leadership Fund, she raised nearly $100,000 as amicus curiae, defending Marriage for Utah, Oklahoma and Virginia in the 4th and 10th Circuit Courts and at the US Supreme Court. 

Cherilyn is a radio talk show host and blogger, communicating daily to a national audience as co-host with Fox News commentator Ed Martin on the syndicated program The Phyllis Schlafly Eagles Show. She is also a host, founder and producer of The Liberty Lineup Radio Show on KTALK Radio AM 630. In 2011, she was a political commentator on Channel 4’s Good Morning Utah and she was featured in Sean Hannity’s book Let Freedom Ring. Continue Reading

Contact Me to Learn More: , (801) 592-4245

How would you like to improve the Party?

The SCC is the governing body that guards the party’s Constitution and Bylaws to ensure that Republicans are elected who support the principles of fiscal responsibility, limited government and principled values and the U.S. Constitution as the framers envisioned government – in the tradition of Chief Justice Antonin Scalia.

Cherilyn Eagar has learned that some well-meaning individuals run and are elected but they don’t give the time or attention to why the State Central Committee meets and what is at stake. Continue Reading


Mike Edwards SmileMike Edwards 

“I have never just held a title; I have been elected to “volunteer” positions in which I have worked to help our candidates and our party. I don’t give lip service; I support our auxiliary organizations with participation as well as financial support. For years I have been a sustaining member of the Utah Republican Party as well as a sustaining member of the Salt Lake County Republican Party. As a member of the State Central Committee, I have agreed to pursue the SB54 lawsuit through to the 10th Circuit Court. IF we can not receive redress at the 10th Circuit, then the lawsuit is over. I will not vote to continue the lawsuit to the Supreme Court, especially when that means a financial burden that the party can’t pay. The principal may be right, but we have to get an answer and then move on to rebuilding relationships and doing our job as a Party to get Republicans elected.” 

Contact Me to Learn More: gmejr@hotmail.com, 8016477730

How would you like to improve the Party?

The Secretary needs to take back all of the duties that have been put off to the Office Manager. This is especially true now that the Office Manager has been released due to financial conditions. The Secretary doesn’t just keep meeting minutes and act as a cheerleader, the Secretary is the maintainer of all records. There is nothing that the party is involved in that the Secretary should not also be involved. As a Party, we need to supply our candidates with data like voter rolls, likely voters, and possible donors. The Secretary is the focal point for all candidate support activities.   The same can be said for the Treasurer. We need to hold our Officers accountable for the specified and implied duties as contained in the Bylaws.

Micah-Bruner-PhotoMicah Bruner

“I am a lifelong resident of Salt Lake County and love living here.”

Contact Me to Learn More: mrbruner78@gmail.com, 801-673-3546

How would you like to improve the Party?

I think we need to focus on ensuring we have a structure that allows the party to recruit good candidates who stand for conservative principles, and get those candidates the support they need to win.

head_shotJanene Burton

“I have many years of community service related to education and young adults. As a history teacher I was privileged to assist students to learn first hand by being present at U.S. Congressional hearings and Senate hearings. I started an annual Veteran’s Program with the National Honor Society Students. It still continues today.”

Contact Me to Learn More: , (801) 566-0000

How would you like to improve the Party?

The Democrats have hijacked our education system. There is an attack on our American History and some schools do not even teach history anymore. I feel it’s very important to make sure our students are being taught American History & the Constitution. My hope is to get students engaged and interested in our Political System. I’d like to see more high school and college students as registered Republicans. I have been a big advocate of our caucus/convention system. Our Founding Fathers were extremely smart when they wrote our Constitution and established our amazing country.

GeorgeGeorge Ferris 

“I have served as a both a county and state delegate. I have also been a precinct chair and precinct treasurer. I also currently serve as the Senate 3 district chair. I have helped out on a lot of races in Salt Lake County. ” 

Contact Me to Learn More: george.ferris3@gmail.com, 209-324-0707

How would you like to improve the party?

I am commited to the conservative cause. I know a lot about politics and I am very good at working with people. I worked for three years in field operations for Congresswomen Mia Love and served an internship in Washington DC with Senator Lee.

Lincoln Fillmore PhotoLincoln Fillmore 

“I’ve been active in politics from a young age. My Eagle Scout Project at age 14 was a get out the vote campaign in Taylorsville. I registered new voters, coordinated with candidates for legislature, moderated a debate, and our area saw its highest voter turnout in many years.   Except for my teenage years, when my family moved to California, I’ve been a lifelong resident of Salt Lake County. Those most formative years near San Francisco were where I learned to stand strongly for conservative principles, even when you’re greatly outnumbered. I ran for city council at 18 there, and was told by voters that they’d never vote for me because I was pro-life.   I’ve spent my career in education, with years as a teacher, principal, and school business manager. Now I use that expertise to help public charter schools operate more efficiently and meet their legal obligations through my company, Charter Solutions, which I founded in 2007. I graduated from the University of Utah in 1999.   I’ve worked on multiple ballot initiative campaigns and volunteered on countless candidate campaigns. In the Republican Party, I’ve served as a County and State Delegate, Precinct, Legislative, and Region Chair.   The best thing in my life is my wife Cheryl and our son Nicholas.   Cheryl is the greatest influence for good in my and her family’s life, and we have, at this point, one young son, Nicholas, who is an active two-year-old. Cheryl is a licensed teacher. She stopped teaching full-time just before Nicholas was born. She works from home in the BYU-Idaho Pathways program that helps working adults further their education and complete college.” 

Contact Me to Learn More: lincolnfillmore@gmail.com, 801-548-0144

How would you like to improve the party?

Focus the party on two twin pillars, without which there’s no point to have a party at all. Win elections to further Republican principles. If we don’t stand for correct principles, there’s no point in winning elections. On the other hand, if we can’t win elections, it doesn’t matter how strongly we stand for our principles. We must do both.

bobs_campaign_pictureBob Fuehr

“It has been an honor to represent Salt Lake County on the State Central Committee these past two years. As a former candidate for Congress, I realize the importance of a strong Utah Republican Party and a strong conservative voice in Congress. I have tried to faithfully represent you at these meetings and am one of the few SCC members never to have missed a meeting.”

Contact Me to Learn More: , 801-263-1630




Helen-Redd-e1430538049703Helen Redd

“I am dedicated to continuing to work to make sure that Salt Lake County is effectively represented on the State Central Committee. The financial strength of the Utah GOP and Salt Lake County GOP are critical to our party’s effectiveness — my work on the State Audit Committee and County Bylaws Committee is focused on keeping our party strong.”

Contact Me to Learn More: hhredd@gmail.com, 801-598-5547


Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 8.54.45 AMReed Taylor

“I am dedicated to the open process and want to use my skills to improve the party and increase the reach of the party.”

Contact Me to Learn More: purewatersolutionsutah@gmail.com,  801-918-9727

How would you like to improve the Party?

We need to bring more people to the party. We need to bring more people to the party by opening up with more people.

Ben ThompsonBen Thompson

“I am a lifelong Republican, and a strong supporter of the Caucus System. My first experience as a campaign volunteer was in 1980. Long before I was old enough to vote, I was putting up signs for Ronald W. Reagan, and other Republican Candidates. I am currently active in the Republican Party at both the County and State Level.”

Contact Me to Learn More: conservative1787@gmail.com,  801-828-6926

How would you like to improve the Party?

To actively promote the Ideals and Policies that not only serve to strengthen our party, but serve to enhance the lives of all Americans.   I believe that we also must unify as one party behind those issues in which we agree. While also working together to find common ground on the issues in which we do not.

Fred Johnson 

“I solidly support the Utah caucus system, I have been and am actively engaged in the party. We need strong leadership to combat the multi-faceted assault on the Republican Party. Some of it justified. “

Contact Me to Learn More: fjbricky@yahoo.com,  8015577849

How would you like to improve the Party?

I would attempt to open a dialogue with folks who are justifiably disillusioned with the current state of the party in Utah. I would promote the good in the party and reach out to the people who have been abandoned.   These are critical times where level headed leadership is in demand.

RandyRandy O’Hara 

“I have been a loyal Republican since the age of 18. I have served the party with dignity and integrity and would continue to serve you. I am passionate about politics and the political process. I believe good government starts with one person standing up and being counted. I won’t let you down, and I humbly ask you for your vote.” 

Contact Me to Learn More: randyohara@yahoo.com, 801-702-7090

How would you like to improve the Party?

I believe the Party should be more focused on Recruiting, Educating, and Training Candidates for Public Office. As Vice Chair I will head up a committee to recruit candidates from various backgrounds. No Democrat in any district, should run unopposed. I will lead training sessions on how to be a more effective candidate, from grass roots activism to messaging, to fundraising.   I will ensure that the County Party is fully prepared for caucuses. Caucus night is our night to shine. It is a night for us to come together as a Party, discuss the Platform, show the state why we deserve to be in leadership, and elect the most dedicated of volunteers to Precinct level Leadership positions.   Whomever you elect as Chair, I will work with them to build a stronger Party. The job as Chair can sometimes be overwhelming. A good chair needs an effective supporting cast. As Vice Chair I promise to appoint strong Conservatives, who are also willing to support the Chair and the building of the Party.

15697259_10154731358806257_1737242983761214350_nGeorge Zinn

I have been a conscientious attender at most county and state conventions, and love to get involved. I think I have the grit and the motivation to make a difference in SCC. I do not yell and scream at our Congressmen at their town meetings, and I vote at every election. I love the UTES, the Denver Broncos, and a good tasty pizza, not necessarily in that order. I am an American who loves this country and wants to see it succeed. That is the most important thing. I hope you will support me.

Contact Me to Learn More: , (801) 243-3656

How would you like to improve the Party?

Not running as an officer, but I think I can do a great job in SCC.

AndyAndy Pierucci 

“My wife, Candice, and I live in Riverton. I have been involved in the Republican Party since I was in high school. I have served as in many different capacities for the party and have learned from each experience. Currently I am Congressman Rob Bishop’s campaign manager. I have been involved in other local, county, state legislative and federal campaigns at various levels. I was Marco Rubio’s Utah Field Director for his presidential campaign and have helped Congressman Stewart’s campaign, Senator Lee’s and Congresswoman Love’s as a volunteer.” 

Contact Me to Learn More: andypierucci@gmail.com, 209-986-0909 

How would you like to improve the Party?

I would love to help the party continue to engage it’s membership in getting quality Republicans elected to office. I also think that we need to do more to strengthen the party at all levels. I hope to work with fellow SCC members to increase our reach. We are the super majority in this state, so we should have an even greater impact in our communities than we already do. 


img_54992Laurel Price

“I’ve been actively engaged in Republican politics for many years. It is essential that we as a party do a better job of communicating with voters and articulating the value of conservative principles. We need to seek out and support good Republican candidates that help us in this mission. I think it’s important that we also support and mentor young Republicans and help them to recognize that they have a seat at our table.” 

Contact Me to Learn More: 801-209-5564, laurelprice4@gmail.com

How would you like to improve the Party?

Mentor young Republicans, increase voter turnout and support good Republican candidates.



Susan Pulsipher

“I am a life long Republican I have been told I am a good listener I worked in my precinct to increase voter participation and increase the number of Republicans who participate in the process. I have found great success in collaborating with stakeholders to find solutions to problems.”

Contact Me to Learn More: susankdp@gmail.com,  801-446-6334

How would you like to improve the Party?

Increase voter participation. I want to continue the progress the party has made in the last couple of years. Involve more Republicans in the candidate selection progress. Invite and include greater numbers of young people in the Republican party.

Pyne SCC PicDavid Pyne 

“I have been an ardent opponent of SB-54 passed by the State Legislature which has severely eroded our caucus-convention system. I am also a former United States Army officer and former Vice President of two Utah veterans groups and was elected as a Regional Vice President of a national Republican group. Over the past eight years, I have served as the Chairman or Vice Chairman of the Utah State Legislative Compensation Commission. In addition, I serve on the Board of Advisors for the Utah Military Academy.” 

Contact Me to Learn More: dpyne2@gmail.com, 801-641-5070 

How would you like to improve the Party?

While many candidates and leaders say they are conservative on some issues but differ from the beliefs of the Republican Party on social issues, I am a committed conservative who strongly supports all of the planks of the Utah Republican Party platform. I believe in returning control of our Party to its conservative grassroots members. If you vote to re-elect me to represent you on the State Central Committee, I promise to continue to work hard and give my all to help get our Republican candidates elected over the coming year and add to the victories we have realized in past election cycles. Please feel free to call or e-mail me if you have any questions about my candidacy. If you have any questions or if you would like to learn more about why I am running please feel free to contact me at 801-641-5070 or at dpyne2@gmail.com. I would greatly appreciate your vote!



Julie Dole

I have been an ardent supporter of the Republican Party serving in various grassroots and leadership positions, including serving as County Party Chair, Senate Chair, State and County delegate, etc. During my many years of service on the State and County Central Committees I am one of the few candidates to achieve almost 100% attendance (I recall missing only one meeting in 10 years). I will strive to continue this attendance record, as it allows you to be represented at every meeting.  

I was privileged to be elected twice to represent the Republicans in Salt Lake County as County Party Chair. I was one of the only Chairs to establish a process to meet with every candidate to review and consult on their campaign strategies for the purpose of assisting the candidates in developing winning campaigns. I was also one of the few Chairs to ensure that every candidate in the County received funding during my term. 

Under my leadership as Chair, I maintained and updated a user-friendly website, which also contained historical data.

During my tenure as County Party Chair, I was extremely successful with fundraising efforts, thus insuring the County Party had enough funds to meet our obligations while providing funds to each candidate. My position as Political Director had given me the unique and intimate knowledge of the day to day processes and requirements of running a successful County Party.  

I am a mother of two teenage children and reside in West Jordan. I have the time, energy, and desire to continue to serve the Party, as well as the unique background to understand the needs of the candidates and the duties of the Central Committee to better represent you.

Contact Me to Learn More: , (801) 699-7987

How would you like to improve our Party?

My years in leadership positions with the Party have demonstrated to me the necessity of reaching out and working with each faction and organization within the Party. As a member of the State Central Committee I will continue to commit to working with all groups, factions, and members to hear and understand their views while endeavoring to form coalitions and cooperation between all groups to further our Republican agenda. Without a united-front we will not be fully successful.

I will continue to focus on assisting the Party in recruiting winnable candidates, committing to help provide information and training for winnable candidate strategies. I will also work with and encourage the newly elected officers to reinstate the process to meet with, assess, fund, and assist, each candidate in developing winnable strategies. I am willing to chair and/or serve on a committee for this purpose.

Precinct leadership is the link to the community, yet this is one of the most overlooked volunteer positions in the Party. It is imperative that precinct leadership are trained and assisted in their duties in supporting their elected officials and candidates in their districts. Without assistance from the grassroots leadership, campaigns are not easily winnable. I will endeavor to continue to assist in strengthening the training and recognition they receive.

A strong social media presence is part of every winning campaign. I fully support the use of all social media available to the Party to promote Republican ideals and candidates. In addition, I will work to assist in the reestablishment and maintenance of a County GOP Historical portion to our current website so that we may learn from our past successes and mistakes. You have to know where you have been to clearly see where you are going.

I am committed to serving you and representing you as your State Central Committee member. To accomplish this, I need to continue to hear from you. Please feel free to contact me anytime in the manner you are comfortable with.
Mobile (calls & texts): 801.699.7987; Email: julieanndole@gmail.com; Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/JulieDole/

Thank you for your consideration and I ask for your support and vote for the privilege of continuing to serve you.

headshot_jan_2015Jim Dunnigan

“Lifelong resident of Utah. Own a small business in Taylorsville. I support grass roots involvement in the election system. Our party needs to come together to promote a strong platform and the delegate system.”

Contact Me to Learn More: , (801) 840-1800

How would you like to improve the Party:

I intend to work to field candidates in more offices and establish policies that support candidates to get elected. We need to unite to support candidates and help people with the resources they need to run a strong campaign.

photo_jun_18_2_27_51_pm_2Louis Welch

“I have been fighting to protect our Caucus system and to get good republicans elected. I have volunteered on many campaigns and never asked for any compensation.”

Contact Me to Learn More: , (801) 671-2050

How would you like to improve the Party?

As a State Central Committee member, I will continue to work to protect the Caucus system and continue to work hard to get good Republicans elected.


doncampaignheadshotDon Willie

“As a lifelong republican, I’ve had the opportunity to serve in many leaderships positions to support the party and our candidates. My earliest political involvement was during high school where I served in the US Senate as a page. I served as Vice Chair of the U of U college republicans and currently serve as a state delegate and in my precinct leadership. I’ve served on numerous campaigns and also ran in a crowded field for Millcreek City council. My wife and I, along with our two children, have lived in Millcreek City for three years and in Salt Lake County for nearly 30 years. I am also passionate about engaging young leaders in government and politics.”

Contact Me to Learn More: doncwillie@gmail.com,  801-859-5094

How would you like to improve the Party?

I believe that the GOP is the party of solutions AND the party for everyone. Our guiding principles are tried and true. We must do a better job of messaging this to the general public and especially to younger generations so they can see the positive impacts of these principles in our local communities and the nation. I’d like to contribute my background in strategic outreach and messaging to grow and strengthen the Salt Lake County GOP – Ultimately winning more seats for the party.

dantherep080Daniel McCay

I am dedicated to making the party stronger so that we can continue to govern Utah in a way that sets the example for the rest of America.

Contact Me to Learn More: , (801) 810-4110

How would you like to improve the Party?

I am hoping to connect the party with its elected representatives. This continued connection is vital to GOP successes in Utah. Very simply, I am willing to serve.


img_4438Natalie Callahan

“I love the Republican Party. I believe our conservative principles are worth fighting for. I have been involved the the Republican Party throughout college and hope to continue my involvement.”

Contact Me to Learn More: nataliecallahan@gmail.com,  801-746-9716

How would you like to improve the Party?

I hope to represent our SL County Republicans. I believe that it is important to have transparent and honest communication with those we represent while serving. I have adopted that as Chairman of the Utah College Republicans and would like to continue that while serving on the SCC.

img_0088Jared Cahoon

“I have been very active in the party for several years. I truly love this party and the many people that serve to make it strong. There are amazing people who work hard to keep this party moving along, and I’m proud to volunteer by their side. I’ve held several positions in the party, I currently chair the Salt Lake County Young Republicans and serve on the County Executive Committee as the Senate 12 Chair. I married the love of my life. I’m also a father of three daughters and a son.”

Contact Me to Learn More: , (801) 450-3182

How would you like to improve the Party?

Our party needs to do a better job helping our candidates. Often, we don’t provide our candidates funds and an organizational structure (data and people) to win. I would also encourage the state party to invest in data infrastructure to help the county party’s manage the growing needs for quick and reliable data.

I would like the party to invest in recruiting and educating younger conservatives. Our party should be cultivating and mentoring the next generation of Republican leaders.


George Chapman May 2014George Chapman

• Former GOP candidate for mayor of Salt Lake City
• Precinct Chair
• Former Naval Officer, retired engineer
• Recruits and supports Republican candidates
• Fights Democrat’s government overreach and out of control spending
• Argues for conservative and fiscally responsible values at the Legislature
• Fights for higher public safety priority
• Writes conservative opeds in Deseret News & SLTrib
• Writes a regular blog at georgechapman.net
• Works to elect more Republicans
Contact Me to Learn More:   gechapman2@gmail.com    8018677071
Contact Me to Learn More: GOP@conder.us, 801.699.2228


jessica_photoJessica Christopher

“I recognize it takes a lot of work to keep our Republican Party strong and I have been willing to work hard. I have been an active member of the Party since I was a teenager and I will continue to help elect and support outstanding Republicans. It would be an honor to serve Salt Lake County on the State Central Committee.”

Contact Me to Learn More: , (801) 558-2578

How would you like to improve the Party?

I would like to help encourage more participation at all levels of our Party – whether that be helping run more efficient meetings or conventions to helping recruit and train future candidates. As a Salt Lake County Republican and as a member of the State Central Committee I am willing to join others from across the state to put in the time and effort to keep our Party relevant and to promote our Republican principles


42-Kim-Coleman-PhotoKim Coleman

“I’m a loyal party member. I roll up my sleeves, show up and work.  I support the caucus system.” 

Contact Me to Learn More: kimfcoleman@gmail.com, 801-865-8970

How would you like to improve the party?

Promote our ideals. Support policies that strengthen the party.




Fred Cox

“Strong Supporter the caucus system. Knowledge of both the state and county documents along with state election laws. Has not missed any of the state central committee meetings and is not afraid.”     

Contact Me to Learn More: fred@fredcox4utah.com, 801-966-2636, http://www.fredcox4utah.com/Bio.html

How would you like to improve the Party?

We agree on many things. We should work together.

bruceBruce Cutler

“I work hard to represent my constituents. I believe in the conservative values of the Republican Party.     I believe in working together as a party and not against one another. The HB 54 Count-My-Vote fiasco has caused a great rift in the Utah Republican Party. This rift must be healed. If we don’t, it will leave us vulnerable to the other party prevailing in many positions currently held by Republicans, including mine. I have won my past two elections in a district previously held for 10 years by the Democrats. I want to keep it in Republican hands.   I am a strong believer in the caucus/convention system, even with all of its faults. While I did collect signature last time I didn’t need to use them. I have determined that if I can’t get elected through the caucus/convention process, then I don’t deserve to be elected again.”

Contact Me to Learn More: b.cutler@yahoo.com,  801-268-0372

How would you like to improve the Party?

1. I want to unify the Republican party. 2. I want to improve the caucus/convention system by introducing more technology into the process. 3. I want to improve the data available to candidates from the State and County Republican Party. 4. I want to support Salt Lake County Republican candidates in both money and personnel. This will include raising money for them and then helping them to spend it effectively.


andrew1Andrew Nelson

I am passionate about what our party stands for! I am a millennial who loves our time-honored traditions and values. The biggest threat to our party is ourselves, by not being as involved as we should be; especially those of us who were elected as delegates or other leadership. I have an exemplary attendance record at county central committee meetings and will continue at the SCC.

Contact Me to Learn More: , (801) 471-6632

How would you like to improve the Party?

Unlike many people running for a SCC spot, I actually have plans and goals. This should represent my level of commitment, as I am working on improvements even before the election. I do not want to create long paragraphs outlining each of my proposals, please feel free to contact me to discuss in-depth how I plan to address the following subjects:
-Create greater involvement with those that are elected as SCC members
-Improve the caucus system and address the underlying reasons why people don’t participate.

img_6666Douglas Short

Former Salt Lake County Attorney 1994-1998, Founding member of the Sandy Republican Club, and Former President. Secret member of the Buckshot Caucus. Frequent campaign consultant and volunteer in my past life, having worked on approximately 30 campaigns at state, county and city level. Married to the incredible Christine Marsh, with a growing posterity. Recently achieved empty nester status and have some free time to contribute when not playing with the grandkids.

Contact Me to Learn More: , 1-800-755-3955

How would you like to improve the Party?

Ready to work towards restoring strength and unity to the party by focusing on republican principles and inclusion. We need more teamwork pulling in the same direction, otherwise we’ll just keep spinning in circles. We need to restore our focus on campaigning and winning, not parliamentary procedure.

fire-starters-002-80Mike Winder

“I bring a lifetime of Republican experience–both as a party leader and elected official. I’m a common sense conservative that loves to find creative and practical solutions to the challenges facing us today. I love liberty, the Constitution, and keeping the American dream alive and well in Utah.”

Contact me to Learn More: mike@mikewinder.com,  801-633-1300

How would you like to improve the Party?

I want to make sure that Salt Lake County has a stronger voice at the SCC. Our party has slim majorities in our county when it comes to county council, representatives and senators. I will work for a robust state party that can better support Republican candidates in swing areas like Salt Lake County.

Josh Mills 

“I would like to see improved understanding and education for us and for low information voters. If we are better able to communicate our conservative ideas and policies and why they are better for the voters we will find increased support.” 

Contact Me to Learn More: mills.josh68@gmail.com, 801-690-2147 

How would you like to improve the Party?

I would like to see improved understanding and education for us and for low information voters. If we are better able to communicate our conservative ideas and policies and why they are better for the voters we will find increased support.

lincoln_dinner_2Claus Nielsen

“As a Naturalized Citizen I know what it means to be an active participant in securing the future of our State and Nation. I believe in the Caucus System and have been an active participant since before becoming a citizen. We must all stand and be counted when it comes to protecting our freedoms.”

Contact Me to Learn More: clausn234@gmail.com,  801-793-2721

How would you like to improve the Party?

Encourage younger participation through education and sharing the vision that makes the US unique in the World Arena.

S. Jacquie Nielsen 

“I am a patriot that loves my country. I am grateful for our new leadership at the National level including and especially President Trump. I have 3 sons that have served our country.” 

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How would you like to improve the party?

I am running for SCC.

mel_closeup_Melvin Nimer

“I am a life-long Republican, and been very active in the county and state parties for the past 15 years, including running for the Utah Senate once and the Salt Lake County Council twice as well as volunteering in many positions. As an accountant and local business owner I want to make sure our state party is financially solvent and follows an approved budget, has the resources to get good Republican elected, and will work to get and keep the party on a sound fiscal foundation.?

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How would you like to improve the Party?

There are so many great Republican people in our county and state that need to run for office, but may be afraid or feel they are too busy or can’t offer anything. We need to find and help these people run and win. And we need a leadership team that can help every County party and state and federal candidates run successful campaign and get elected. And a team that will be able to raise the funds needed to accomplish this.

Aimee NewtonAimee Winder Newton

“I’m a Republican because I believe that the core values of the Republican Party offer the brightest hope for our nation. This is the party of Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan. We’re the party that supports life, liberty and opportunity. As Republicans, we agree with the Founders’ view that states matter. We need fewer decisions made in Washington, D.C. and more here locally. In Utah, we know far better how to educate our children, provide health care and allocate transportation funds than the federal government does. As Republicans, we believe that the government closest to the people governs best and is the most accountable. As Republicans, we honor the rights protected by the Constitution. We support freedom of speech, religious liberties, and the right to bear arms. We value the life of the unborn and seek to reduce abortions wherever possible. As Republicans, we believe in conservative fiscal policy. Government can’t be all things to all people. But we do need to help our fellow citizens by making long-term and impactful policy decisions that empower them to be successful, and not by just giving out entitlements. I believe in free market principles and restraining government from over-regulation of business, or strangling innovation and job creation. Those are just some of the reasons why I’m a Republican. 

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How would you like to improve the Party?

“I believe we need to get our party on track with fundraising and being more involved in making sure Republicans get elected in Salt Lake County.”

Carolyn SharpCarolyn Sharp

“Serving in, and donating to the Republican party has been a true pleasure. I have been a regular attendee at caucuses, committee meetings, and community events. I thoroughly enjoy being an engaged, contributing member of society. Aside from my political involvement, I have also served as a volunteer victim advocate for the Unified Police Department, a licensed foster parent, peer parent and am a neighborhood watch captain. I also enjoy working on emergency preparedness and am a licensed Ham radio operator.”

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How would you like to improve the Party?

Our party’s strength is weakening among the Millennial generation. We need to improve our outreach and appeal by associating conservatism with fresh and stable candidates. Values do not have to be compromised to do this. The Republican Party’s diversity, coupled with a united front of unswerving support for the Party platform, will help create the competitive edge we need.

richardSnelgroveRichard Snelgrove

Past Party Chairman. Current member of The Salt Lake County Council

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How would you like to improve the Party?

We must do better in the following area: candidate recruitment, voter registration drives, fundraising. I want to help.


AboutRobert-PicRobert Spendlove

“I am a lifelong Republican because I believe conservative principles drive good decisions in government. I was born and raised in Utah and I am proud to call the state my home. I worked in the Utah Governor’s Office before joining the State Legislature in 2014. “

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How would you like to improve the Party?

The Republican Party should continue to be the party of consistent and stable leadership. We must all work together to find solutions to the difficult issues facing our society and these solutions must be driven by principle and strong core values.   We must also do more to reach out to people who want to be active in the political process and encourage greater participation.

Laurie StringhamLaurie Stringham 

“My job, first and foremost is to get Republicans elected to office once the have the party nomination. Second, is to help the party raise funds to meet the need of the party and the campaign season. Finally, my job is to help train good party leaders as precinct chairs, state and county delegates, candidates, and, most important, advocates for strong Republican values. I am dedicated to serving and have served in the county party since 1995. I have served as a Precint chair, Legislative chair, Region chair, and on the State Central Committee. I have also been a county and state delegate many times over the years.”

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How would you like to improve the Party?

We need to get the state party back on a strong footing financially. We need to look at the state budget and help refocus or resources where they are truely needed and cut where we can. As a representative to the State Central Committee, it is my fiduciary duty to make sound economic decisions to bring the party back on track. I pledge to help with special event fundraisers and pledge to plan and chair one right here in salt lake county to help pay the state party’s debt. I will continue to make sound decisions and work towards clear, concise, and stronger communication between the state party and our elected officials. Most importantly, I will dedicate my time and efforts towards make this off year election cycle and the next election cycle a strong win for Republican candidates and Republican ideals.

43-Adam-Gardiner-PhotoAdam Gardiner

“I would like the delegates to know that I have been involved in the party since I sat on the state GOP Executive Committee as an 18 year old. As one of only two millennials in the entire state legislature, I bring a different perspective on getting Republicans elected than a lot of my fellow GOPers. I bring a passion for the party and have dedicated much of my life to keeping Utah red.”

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How would you like to improve the Party?

“I think, as a party, we focus too much on the nominating of candidates and not nearly enough getting those candidates elected. Our county party needs to be a force in getting Republicans elected (especially on the West Side, where we lost Sophia DiCaro’s seat). I would like to see our party have a repository of data and contacts so candidates don’t have to go to third parties just for email lists, for example. “

Dana GoffDana Goff

“I have been active in the party for 20 years now. During that time I have been executive director for the County party and worked on lots of campaigns. I have also been on the executive board for the Young Republican National Federation. While on that board I helped State parties around the Country get their candidates wins. I also helped them get more members with ideas for activities. 
Currently I am on the SCC a Leg Chair and on the elections committee for the County Party. This will be my 3rd term on the SCC and I’m proud to say I have only missed 2 meetings during that time. I have also been an activate for compromise and listening to wants of every Republican and not just the vocal few.”

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How would you like to improve the Party?

Right now our elected people and candidates fell that they are not being heard. Neither do a donors or most volunteers. So with all this going on winning campaigns is harder than ever. Our candidates feel abandoned and because the donors and the every day Republicans feel they haven’t been heard they stopped helping. We need to bring everyone back into the fold so we can start winning races by more than the skin of our teeth.

alex_photocrpAlex Iorg

“I live with my wife, and two year old in West Valley City, where we bought a home two years ago, and I enjoy it very much out here. I love the caucus system, and have been a strong advocate of it. I was honored, and fatigued, when I ran caucus night in 2016. I want to preserve our caucus system in what ever way I can, but also realize that the continued law suits against SB54 are the equivalent of unfunded mandates – and unfunded mandates destroy budgets. The law suit expenses have recently hurt the Republican Party. We need to seek other ways to protect our party rights, while not forgetting the first role of the party is getting Republicans elected around the state. I want to support our party the best way I can.”

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How would you like to improve the Party?

As a party officer I would like to see the party return its full focus to electing Republicans at all government levels. We do a good job of this, but would do better raising funds, and connecting with voters if elections had our full focus. As for SB54, I want to find a sustainable way to fund the lawsuits, or discontinue the efforts. I am eager to dive into policy on the subject, and propose new ideas for ways to move our party forward, and support Republican values.

Simply put, we have to fight, for our right, to party – but we don’t have to go bankrupt while doing it.



Craig Hall

” Current State Representative, House District 33 (West Valley). Day job is attorney with Intermountain Healthcare.”

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How would you like to improve the Party?

A primary goal of the SLCoGOP should be to increase our numbers.   We need to do a better job of reaching out to millennials and minorities. We need to do a better job of explaining and persuading voters WHY they should be republicans and vote for republicans. We also need to do a better job as a Sate Party in helping republican candidates win their races.


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