Congratulations Cheryl Acton

Cheryl Acton was elected as our new House Representative in District 43 after 2 rounds of voting and a coin toss!

Congratulations Representative-elect Cheryl Acton!

Cheryl Acton


Cheryl Acton has been quietly raising a family in House District 43 for the past 21 years. She’s a conservative running for the Utah House because she’s concerned about the current state of political discourse and the erosion of freedom (two examples: excessively high tax burdens for middle income individuals and families and healthcare mandates with outrageous deductibles.) She’s worked for the Department of Defense (receiving the Meritorious Service Award), the U.S. Census Bureau, a focus group company, and a charitable healthcare organization. She’s been a journalist, a freelance writer and editor, a classroom volunteer, a county delegate, an election judge, and a precinct chair. Her lifelong interest in political affairs (news junkie since age five!) has made her well-versed in the issues. Cheryl believes in the dignity of individuals and families. She also believes that wit and wisdom must return to politics. 

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