Get to Know Our Candidates for House 43

Declared Candidates for the House 43 Special Election

Cheryl Acton

Cheryl Acton has been quietly raising a family in House District 43 for the past 21 years. She’s a conservative running for the Utah House because she’s concerned about the current state of political discourse and the erosion of freedom (two examples: excessively high tax burdens for middle income individuals and families and healthcare mandates with outrageous deductibles.) She’s worked for the Department of Defense (receiving the Meritorious Service Award), the U.S. Census Bureau, a focus group company, and a charitable healthcare organization. She’s been a journalist, a freelance writer and editor, a classroom volunteer, a county delegate, an election judge, and a precinct chair. Her lifelong interest in political affairs (news junkie since age five!) has made her well-versed in the issues. Cheryl believes in the dignity of individuals and families. She also believes that wit and wisdom must return to politics. 

Jared Belcher

My name is Jared Belcher and it would be my privilege to serve as the Representative for House District 43. My wife and I have lived in West Jordan for the last 7 years and I grew up living in both South Jordan and Riverton.  I have had the privilege of serving as a county delegate for many years as well as on many committees and positions in the Salt Lake County Republican Party. Please call or text me or reach out on Facebook I’ll have a get together on Tuesday evening the week of the election where we can discuss my views and anything else of interest. I look forward to getting to know you and I ask for your vote.

Steven VanBibber

I’m running to represent you in the Utah Legislature. I’m a family man and businessman, not a politician. My wife and I have lived in West Jordan for 23 years where we raised our 3 sons. We are grateful for the local public school education that became the foundation of their many accomplishments. It has been my opportunity to lead a successful business for 21 years which has been recognized as being one of Utah’s fastest growing companies. I am running for the Utah House because I want to represent you and use my business experience and conservative values to provide you with better government.

Lyle Decker

Throughout my life, I have been deeply motivated to do all I could to preserve and promote the principles that make us a free people. My 40 years of service in the Party is evidence that I have been governed by those principles in all my decisions.

  • Active member of the Central Committee for 40 years.
  • Elected member of the Bylaws Committee for 15 years.
  • Chair of the Bylaws Committee 6 years.
  • Member of the Convention Rules Committee 10 years.
  • Chair of the Rules Committee 3 years.
  • Member of the Platform Committee that produced the current platform.
  • Member of the State Central Committee 4 years.

I have a proven track record of writing governing documents guided by principles of good government. I have experience publicly presenting, defending and when necessary, defeating, proposed rules for the good of all. I have worked closely with leadership and many others on and off committees to develop and refine the ideas and rules that best served the needs of the Party.

I work with my opponents whenever I can, listening to understand, working out differences, building a better whole together. I have done it for you and for the Party. Now I want to take my years of experience making good government happen and do it for you, for my children, my grandchildren and for the state of Utah.


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